Vrasna Beach

Relaxing Family Vacations

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Vrasna Beach is a tourist resort located only 80 km away from the cities of Thessaloniki and Kavala.

It is ideal for families with young children and for those who want a simple summer vacation away from the noise and vibrancy of a city.

Vrasna Beach keywords

Sandy, Organized Beach

The sandy beach of Vrasna Beach is annually awarded with the Blue Flag.

Visitors can relax by taking a swim in the green waters of Strymonikos, under the supervision of lifeguards offered by the municipality, and enjoy an iced coffee at the perfect beach with loungers free of charge.

You can also enjoy your dinner or your drink, at a great restaurant, cafe or bar on the sea shore in Vrasna Beach.

What to do in Vrasna Beach

Those who want to know more about the history of the area can plan a visit to many excellent sites such as: Ancient Stageira, the birth city of Aristotle, the ancient castle in Makedonika Tempe (near to the village Rentina),  the Museum of Amphipolis a few kilometers away from this area.

As for the fans of alternative tourism, we strongly recommend you to use the hiking and biking trails in Makedonika Tempe and the Monastery of St. George in Kerdylia Mountains.


Vrasna Beach is within walking distance of great ornaments of nature and important archaeological monuments.

High mountain volumes, lakes with thermal springs, rivers, caves, ancient cities and museums are waiting to be discovered.

Worth Α Visit

Vrasna Beach is a blessed place waiting for you to explore and enjoy it!